Fri Jun 28


This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) by Kishi Bashi

one of the greatest songs ever

nice cover

happy cover friday everyone

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Fri Jun 21


Atlantic City (Bruce) - The Band

happy cover friday everyone

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Sat Aug 25


I’m Not Talking - AC Newman

reblog of the week goes to Luke who dropped this new AC Newman track on us this week. 


I’m Not Talking - A.C. Newman

With some help from Neko Case. Looking forward to this new release form A.C. this fall.

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Thu Aug 16


Born To - Jesca Hoop

reblog of the week goes to Luke for introducing me to a new voice


Born To - Jesca Hoop - The House That Jack Built

1. I learned that Jesca Hoop spent some time as a nanny to Tom Waits’ kids.  

2. She sounds like an updated American version of Kate Bush.

Wed Apr 11


Bright Lights - Gary Clark Jr

i got three hours sleep last night. i need strong espresso and loud loud blues. this kind.


Produced by Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys, and it shows. Fantastic.

You gonna know my name by the end of the night

Sun Apr 1


40 Mark Strasse - The Shins - Port Morrow

i love everything about this new Shins song; the Berlin address, the James Mercer vocals, and the lovely melody

the Shins and their new record Port Morrow are the artist of the weekend on

Thu Feb 16


eyes on fire // blue foundation

download: amazon mp3 | itunes

Sat Feb 4


cards and quarters // local natives

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Sun Jan 22


“Get Up Get Out”   |  The Rosebuds (Bon Iver Remix)

(via gthegentleman)

Sun Jan 15


i will follow you into the dark // jayme dee [death cab for cutie cover]

FREE download: here